Our machines

Van Mounted Platforms

Ascendant van mounted platforms are designed to be robust, easy to operate and reliable with all the features you really need and no unnecessary items which could cause operational downtime if they fail. Full pressure hydraulic controls, a walk-in swing gate fibreglass platform and plenty of capacity for two real-size people throughout the entire work range are all standard.

Truck Mounted Platforms

Ascendant truck mounted platforms offer industry-leading reach from 3.5t and 7.5t GVW chassis cabs. In the real world, effective sideways reach is always more important than the ultimate working height and we make sure that our machines reach further with a full load in the cage than any competitor.

Tracked Carrier Platforms

When the terrain really gets demanding there is nothing to beat an Ascendant telescopic boom mounted on a tracked carrier. With amazing climbing ability and ultra-low ground bearing pressure for really soft conditions they offer true go-anywhere capability and the usual exceptional outreach performance of Ascendant’s truck mounted machines.

Special Vehicles

There are some locations well away from paved roads which demand the combination of power, low gearing and ground clearance that only an agricultural tractor can provide.

Service & Repair

While we are very happy to repair your machine for you, we try and make the machine simple and straightforward to maintain and repair, and provide parts and information to allow your qualified fitters to keep the machine in service at minimum cost throughout its life

Parts & Used Machines

We provide an efficient spare parts service for all Ascendant Access platforms, whatever the age.

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