Special Vehicles

When nothing else will get there, you need a special vehicle

There are some locations well away from paved roads which demand the combination of power, low gearing and ground clearance that only an agricultural tractor can provide. The Ascendant A22-17TK mounted on a john Deere or Deutz tractor gives 22m working height and 17m horizontal reach with 280kg SWL and can reach places no other machine can even attempt.


  • Working Height: 21.4m
  • Horizontal Reach: 17.5m
  • SWL in platform: 280kg
  • Platform size (1.1m high) tubular aluminium: 1.0 x 1.8 m
  • Platform rotation (powered): 160 degrees
  • Typical carriers: John Deere 6620 Deutz
  • Typical closed width: 2.4m
  • Stabiliser spread (full): 3.8m
  • With one-side jacking option: 2.9m
  • Wheelbase: 2560mm
  • Typical operating weight: 9000kg

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