Service & Repair

Ascendant Access machines are designed to be robust and simple to maintain and repair but like every machine they need repairs from time to time.

We provide a full after-sales support for all our machines including spare parts, telephone technical support and service technicians both in the workshop and in the field.

While we are very happy to repair your machine for you, we try and make the machine simple and straightforward to maintain and repair, and provide parts and information to allow your qualified fitters to keep the machine in service at minimum cost throughout its life. Customers love their Ascendant platforms because they don’t break down very often and if they do they can be repaired locally with a minimum of downtime.

When it’s a bigger repair that is needed, such as a major overhaul, slew ring or cable replacement, we recommend returning the machine to our factory. Our fully-equipped workshop has all the facilities, parts and technical expertise to get the job done quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

We don’t only support Ascendant products though – our extensive experience of vehicle mounted platforms means we can usually help customers whatever the make of their machine. We particularly specialize in Aerial Access products and can often help with these obsolete machines when no-one else can. Call us today whatever your problem and we will do everything possible to get your machine back in service fast.

For Service & Repair in the UK call 0191 415 0045