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Nordic platform

18 December 2008 06:07pm

Nordic platform

Ascendant’s Norwegian dealer “Liftco” has just taken delivery of its first Ascendant A21-16 mounted onto a SCANIA P270 18tonne chassis cab.

Designed and built to his own specification the unit features a 170deg fly-boom and totally narrow jacks.

An extra large, insulated, GRP cage is incorporated and the machine is capable of carrying its 280kg payload at maximum outreach of 16m.

An important design feature of the machine is its abilty to work at maximum payload and outreach over the rear of vehicle without jacks. This allows maximum productivity when working with large numbers of street lights.

Given the topology of Norway it was also important for the unit to be able to bring itself level when parked on a slope of 12Deg.

Most of the superstructure was galvanised to inhibit corrosion in the salty atmosphere. Liftco believes that this unit is the first of a very large order he hopes to place with Ascendant.

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